One fine day D, baby girl and I adventured to the beach to collect rocks. We took the rocks home and spent the rest of the afternoon waist deep in googly eyes, glue and random art supplies creating a small army of ‘rock buddies’

pet rocks

D is a pretty prolific creator of things and I tend to keep all of it, the only thing standing between me and A&E’s Hoarders is my husband. Typically husband will just go on cleaning binges and bags of toilet paper rolls, egg cartoons and bread clips I’ve squirreled away will just mysteriously disappear along with the bottom layer of the two foot deep pile of D’s paintings and coloring pages stacked on top of our fridge. The rock buddies were more than art to be forgotten on top of the fridge, D had bonded with them, given them names and personality. Still I was surprised when husband suggested that instead of keeping all 18 of our new rock friends, we send them out into the world to bring happiness to others. Best. Idea. Ever. But I couldn’t just leave them about town not knowing what would become of them! So we did this… (click on the picture below to enlarge and read the letter)

pet rocks 4

over the next few days we drove around to some of D’s favorite places and left ‘rock buddies’ to their adventures hoping to hear from them again.

Ed Canada Games Centre playground edgemount pp IMG_9311 play h

This is their story….

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